Sunday, January 26, 2014


The principle of BioMedis devices operation is based on electromagnetic therapy. With this technique, healthy recovery can be achieved using low-energy electromagnetic radiation without the need for medication. These portable devices are designed for disease diagnostics and prevention, as well as for the body’s rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

The medical independent device “BIOMEDIS Android ” is intended for bioresonance therapy (BRT) – the therapy with the help of electromagnetic oscillation exposure which favor the restoration mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation on the principle of bioresonance.
The medical device “BIOMEDIS Android” /English, Russian/ is represented by 4 devices in 1 body:
  1. The device for exogenous bioresonance therapy
  2. The device for antiparasitic correction.
  3. The device for endogenous bioresonance therapy (involving the external optional interface – hand electrodes (the “Contact” unit)).
Now we have a device for bioresonance therapy and anti-parasitic therapy , moreover, all programs for reprogramming inside. The device is based on the Android Platform ,during therapy we can listen music, watch movies or read the newspaper and even more.

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