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Device «Biofon»

The Biofon - wellness device is used to maintain the health and normal functioning of all organs and body systems.
Bioresonance therapy (BRT) represents correction of body's functions through harmonious transformation of resonance electromagnetic oscillations which are specific for radiation of living organism in order to synchronize them.

Treatment is based upon suppression of pathologic frequency spectrums of oscillations, restoration and improvement of physiological ones, and support of relative synchronization of different wave processes which form physiological organism's homeostasis. The idea of BRT with the help of weak electromagnetic oscillations inherent to a patient himself/herself was for the first time stated and scientifically proven by F. Morell (1977).

Relative synchronization of different oscillating (wave) processes is supported in normal physiological state of the body, while pathologic states (diseases) develop in the body in case of oscillating harmony's deviation.

BRT is a therapy with the help of electromagnetic oscillations the body's structures come into resonance with. Impact can be exercised on the level of cell, organ, system of organs, and the whole body, because various levels are characterized and controlled by various frequency-wave parameters.

The main idea of resonance's application in medicine is following: if frequencies and form of treating (electromagnetic) impact are set correctly, normal (physiologic) processes can be increased and pathologic oscillations can be weakened in human body. Thus, bioresonance impact can be exercised for neutralization of pathologic oscillations as well as restoration of physiologic ones damaged in case of pathologic states; it means that the therapy suppresses hindrances (noises) in informational field of the body.

A healthy body, regardless of the age, always keeps relative synchronization of various oscillating (wave) processes which help the body to support balance, integrity and health. Imbalance and destruction of frequency-wave homeostasis' harmony appear, if any pathological pathogenic processes develop. So, new vicious pathogenic oscillations and resonances develop in the body; and they support diseases and prevent healing. The body's program of self-restoration and self-healing given by nature is disturbed.

The task of the device "BIOFON" is following: to restore correct energetic potential of organs and systems in phases, carry out peculiar readjustment, transfer unhealthy rhythms into healthy row, according to resonance principles.

The BIOFON device contains programmes with specific frequencies for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi as well as a wide variety of parasites. 

The BIOFON works by correcting and restoring the basic functions of the body when it is exposed to low-energy electromagnetic vibrations.
You can download 3(three) complexes using the software of the Biofon which are made up of the programs from the program base of the Biofon. Each program consists of a set of frequencies that are performed sequentially. The total number of frequencies in three complexes is limited by the size not exceeding 2,000 frequencies. The total time of loaded complex is - not more than 12 hours.
The program base of the Biofon includes more than 1,500 of programs needed for prevention and preservation of wellbeing.
Biofon Benefits:
  • Management by only one button;
  • Programmable three sets / complexes;
  • Two removable cover (bracelet on the hand and cover with clip), made of high quality silicone;
  • Three comfortable wearing options - on the hand by a removable bracelet, in pocket, on a belt using a cover with clip;
  • An updated database of programs.





Biofon - Wellness is a device for maintaining health and normal functioning of all organs and body systems.
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