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Mobile Healer

Mobile Healer is system of healing with the help of preventive correction of the body’s energy systems. According to oriental medicine, vital basis of people includes fire and water. Fire represents Yan energy – positive energy of activity, movement. Water is negative passive energy Yin. When there is balance between Yin and Yan in human body, and when harmony of these two states is kept, the person is healthy, and all organs and systems have healthy “vibrations”. Because of unfavorable external factors, balance is destroyed, malfunction takes place in the system, information-energy vibrations become unhealthy, and the person gets ill. Modern researches confirm that human body possesses huge reserve durability, and it has ability of self-healing and regeneration. That’s why the bases for prevention of diseases are keeping and support of harmony of the body’s energy structures; the body needs to get additional strengths and help restoring balance for this purpose. Wellness industry, reasonable physical activities, healthy nutrition, and giving up bad habits contribute to this problem solving. But these factors are not sufficient in cities.

Mobile Healer is created in order to help the body to work effectively, cope with increased burdens, stresses and various poisoning and weakening factors.

A smartphone or a tablet on basis of Android 4.0 and of higher version is required for usage of the system of healing Mobile Healer. The gadget mH is connected through microUSB to smartphone or tablet.
How does gadget mHealer work?

Human body is a system; all constituents of the system have information-energy connections which represent the energy human body with numerous energy centers. Motion of subtle energies creates electromagnetic field around the body’s organs and systems. Energy centers of the body are able to interact with electromagnetic field of environment, transforming it into energy. Energy body has the leading role in support of the body’s health. A method of synchronization of energy centers’ work and energy balance’s restoration in the body is influence on these centers through peculiarities and parameters – amplitude of tension of electric and magnetic constituents of electromagnetic fields and their vibration frequencies. If electromagnetic properties of the environment, surrounding the body, are chosen correctly, consecutive goal-orienteering shift of misbalance towards harmonious spread of energies takes place in the body. It is manifested in the physical body as restoration of lost functions of certain organs, improvement of work of the body’s systems, and improvement of mood. The device Mobile Healer changes electromagnetic properties of environment, transmits healthy oscillations which are typical for healthy body, returning organs and systems to healthy information-energy vibrations.

The gadget mHealer is used for correction of the body’s energy, its functional meridians. The gadget represents a generator-transmitter of weak electromagnetic field with power of not over 10 mW on the carrying frequency of 2,4 GHz (ISM diapason), with amplitude modulation (0,01-10000Hz) with high accuracy of set frequency.  The gadget is connected through a microUSB to a smartphone or a tablet. Modulating frequencies of Foll, Schmidt and Rife are used during application of correction. Electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity generated by the gadget mHealer cause resonance response in energy centers and meridians. Activation of normal vibrations and neutralization of pathological ones take place in the body. As a result, the body restores normal functioning of energy meridians, and it returns to normal life. The system of recovery and prevention with the help of Mobile Healer is a soft safe method which doesn’t destroy energy information balance of the body.
Mobile Healer is an electromagnetic device for independent support and keeping of high coefficient of health. High efficacy of the gadget’s usage is achieved through high penetrating ability of electromagnetic field into human body. Parameters for impact on environment are set with high accuracy; it makes it possible to influence on particular energy centers of the body without causing harm for surrounding organs and tissues.

Indications related to usage of BRT

  • functional disorders of different genesis;
  • diseases of central nervous system and sense organs;
  • diseases of vegetative nervous system;
  • pain syndromes of various localizations and genesis;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of respiratory system;
  • diseases of digestive system;
  • diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissues;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of urinary system and reproduction;
  • poorly healing wounds and ulcers;
  • other diseases.
BRT not only restores body’s damaged functions but also has destroying influence upon parasitic agents. The device contains a large list of anti-parasitic programs.

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